New Nordic Ear Tone 60's

New Nordic Ear Tone 60's

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Ear Tone + is a formulation of herbal extracts and minerals, which have been investigated in scientific studies for their influence in peripheral blood circulation, and tinnitus in the ears.


Tinnitus is a condition that can have many underlying causes, which can include ear infection, excessive or cumulative exposure to loud noise or injury to the neural cells that process hearing (from head or neck injury).

Normally hair cells in the inner ear vibrate in response to sound. This vibration is then encoded into a signal that is sent to our brain, where the sound is then processed and interpreted. But when the cells become damaged, through infection or loud noise, the cells send a constant stream of signals to the brain, which are interpreted as for example ringing or whistling.

Studies have shown, that although tinnitus is considered non-curable, there is some relief to be found when taking higher amounts of magnesium.

In the 2011 published study, scientists found that at 532 mg of magnesium a day, the perception of tinnitus in the ear improved significantly". Ear Tone + provides the same magnesium amount and contains added ginkgo biloba and pine bark extracts since they are known plant ingredients that help support peripheral blood. Pine bark was also studied in regard to peripheral blood flow in people that perceive tinnitus in the ears. We find this important since peripheral blood flow provides the nutrient and oxygen supply of the peripheral organs, including the ear.