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With age, eyes lose their ability to see as clearly as they did in younger years. This can be linked to the health of the central part of the eye - called the macula.  

The macula lies in the center of our eye and is responsible for central, sharp vision. It looks yellow because it’s rich in yellow color pigments, which absorb light.

However, the macula is also most vulnerable to damage, especially from frequent exposure to the sun’s UV radiation. Over time, this can damage light sensing cells and their light absorbing pigments and therefore cause them to be less functional and die, which in turn translates to gradual vision loss. Luckily, we can find color pigments in foods like carrots, blueberries and dark green vegetables to help maintain eyesight in these conditions.



Blue Berry has been the no.1 eye supplement in Scandinavia for over two decades. The Blue Berry tablets contain color pigments from bilberries and lutein, to help improve macular pigment optical density and help maintain your eyesight in conditions of age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.