New Chapter Holy Basil Force 60's

New Chapter Holy Basil Force 60's

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What is Holy Basil Force?

Tap into the revered power of Ayurvedic herbs with Holy Basil Force from New Chapter. Used in herbal medicine to help increase energy and resistance to stress, Holy Basil Force delivers pure Ocimum sanctumleaf in just one capsule daily.* Our whole-food approach to Holy Basil is Non-GMO Project Verified and 100% vegetarian with no sugar added.*

Why is Holy Basil so special?

In Sanskrit, Holy Basil is called Tulsi, meaning "The Incomparable One." It has played an important role in herbal traditions for thousands of years. Tulsi is thought to open the heart and mind, and bestow love, compassion, faith, and devotion. Holy Basil oil is thought to tone up the chakras or energy points.

New Chapter’s Holy Basil is sourced from India, a native habitat where it grows best. We deliver its active phytonutrients with dual extracts for a full spectrum of active compounds, including essential oils. Scientific research validates Holy Basil's time-tested healing value—it’s a natural adaptogen that works with the body to promote a healthy physiological response to stress.

Why supplement with herbs?

Cultures from around the world have used herbs for countless therapeutic and culinary purposes. Because herbs are whole foods from Nature, the body can easily use them as needed for nourishment and for healing. So if you’re not getting medicinal doses of herbs in your daily diet (which might be difficult!), high quality supplements are an effective way to get concentrated herbal compounds. New Chapter’s Holy Basil Forcedelivers the concentrated equivalent of 7,102 mg pure Holy Basil.