New Chapter Cinnamon Force 60's

New Chapter Cinnamon Force 60's

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What is Cinnamon Force?

Tap into the finest traditional healing herbs with Cinnamon Force from New Chapter. For herbal blood sugar balance, Cinnamon Force delivers two extracts of pure Cinnamon bark in just one capsule daily.* Our whole-food approach to Cinnamon is Non-GMO Project Verified and 100% vegetarian with no sugar added.*

Why is Cinnamon so special?

According to the earliest herbal writings, Cinnamon’s exotic flavor and healing benefits have been treasured for 5,000 years. Spice traders and explorers were inspired to find new pathways to this herb that was more precious than gold.

Today’s explorers wear lab coats and journey in the world of science, and they still look to cinnamon for inspiration and healing. Research studies show how Cinnamon has a remarkable ability to support and maintain healthy blood glucose levels—it’s Nature’s blood sugar balancer. It also has strong antioxidant action that helps protect cells from free radical damage.

Why supplement with herbs?

Cultures from around the world have used herbs for countless therapeutic and culinary purposes. Because herbs are whole foods from Nature, the body can easily use them as needed for nourishment and for healing. So if you’re not getting medicinal doses of herbs in your daily diet (which might be difficult!), high quality supplements are an effective way to get concentrated herbal compounds. New Chapter’s proprietary blend of both traditional and supercritical extracts delivers the concentrated equivalent of 4013 mg pure Cinnamon bark.