Eden Foods Organic Kimchi Sauerkraut 447ml

Eden Foods Organic Kimchi Sauerkraut 447ml

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Kimchi and Sauerkraut are both ancient health foods. This kraut combines a traditional Kimchi spicy zest with the mellow savory flavor of old-world sauerkraut. Coupling Hirzel's spectacular kraut with the zest and health benefits of kimchi results in the best sandwich topping, side dish, or snack food you could ask for. Organic cabbage is hand harvested, cored, shredded, and lactic acid fermented with EDEN Sea Salt for at least six weeks. When fermentation is complete, the all organic kimchi herb/spice medley is added. Over ninety years of experience, traditional methods, and one family’s care from field to jar, give EDENKimchi Sauerkaut great value and sought after flavor. No untoward additives of any kind whatsoever. In glass jars. kosher.


EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut is made of the finest cabbage grown in rich organic soil, carefully tended, harvested, and fermented by the Hirzel family. Since 1923 they have been growing the sweetest cabbage and making sauerkraut the way their family did in Switzerland. Hundreds of acres are enriched from years of on-site composting operations and organic care. Tree leaves and organic production by-products make rich organic compost. Soil thus enriched retains moisture and grows more delicious, nutrient dense food. Hot summer days and cool nights contribute to sweeter cabbage, then, generations of caring know-how make this spectacular Kimchi Sauerkraut.

Cabbage is washed, cored, and shredded, then lactic acid fermented with EDEN Sea Salt for at least six weeks. Artisan management of the fermentation cannot be computerized. When fermentation is complete, all organic red bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger root, cayenne pepper, yellow mustard seed, and chili pepper are added and impart a sparkling Kimchi zest and red color. Generations of experience and one family's care from the seed, sprouts, fields, harvesting, and fermentation creates a sauerkraut of considerable value and gives EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut its homemade, old-world character.

Fermented food can be extremely beneficial. Sauerkraut fermentation produces isothiocyanates with flavor common to wasabi, horseradish, mustard, radish, watercress, and capers. These compounds are garnering great interest in food science and medicine for their efficacies. Fermentation produces many healthy compounds not found in raw foods. "We are finding that fermented cabbage could be healthier than raw or cooked," said Eeva-Liisa Ryhanen, Ph.D., research manager of MTT Agrifood Research Finland. Fermentation produces organic acids and enzymes that make cabbage easier to digest and aid in digestion of food in general. They also boost immune strength. This research adds to the growing number of studies showing cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables are the best source of many healthful phytonutrient.

Antioxidant potent vegetables, herbs, ad spices – 100% organic red bell peppers, onions, garlic, ginger root, cayenne pepper, yellow mustard seed, and chili pepper enhance the health and antioxidant value of EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut.

Deliciousness and superb benefits from pure and purifying EDEN Kimchi Sauerkraut, no untoward ingredients whatsoever. Great on sandwiches, in salads, vegetable dishes, soups and stews. It is a rewarding garnish, side dish, or satisfying snack. edenfoods.com/recipes has many free recipes.