Bach Rescue Remedy for Kids

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Rescue Remedy Kids | Natural Stress & Emotional Relief | Gluten Free | 10ml

Rescue Remedy is a natural stress and emotional relief, safe for children. Rescue Remedy helps children who have tantrums, lack patience or have experienced trauma.

Try Rescue Cream on diaper rash, on Bo Bos, bruises, rashes, sprains or other external trauma. Many parents chose to carry Rescue Remedy and Rescue Cream in their purse, in the car or in the diaper bag. You never know when you need it.

Stress relief

With Rescue Remedy, Kids Find Sudden Relief, Courage & Peace

Children respond quickly to the Bach Flower Remedies because they have not had years of unresolved emotional imbalances. Parents giving the Bach Flower Remedies to their children are often amazed by the positive effect the Remedies have on their children. Screaming children find sudden relief, shy and fearful children find courage, impatient and angry children find peace and discouraged children find the will to go on.